a m y   s a n t o f e r r a r o
Georgia Campbell
Ceramics 1
ASSIGNMENT: Souvenir Shop
LEVEL: Beginning

With or without a partner come up with a product and pitch it to the class. Pretend we are investors; make us believe in this product. Show us sketches, models, statistics, history. Make sure you are ready to share all of the information with us. Develop a system to produce that product and replicate identical multiples. Factories operate on efficiency; figure out the best way to make the best product in the least amount of time with the least amount of materials. Design a maker’s mark to be sure you get credit. Many products are reproduced without permission simply because they are untraceable. Make the mark make sense for your product/souvenir. Display or put the product into action. This may be a series of photographs, Photoshop, performance, cart, box set, shrink-wrap, infomercial, etc.