a m y   s a n t o f e r r a r o
Sequence Shirt Sonata
While in Jingdezhen, China, in the order I saw them, I wrote down every phrase I could read on a shirt on a human. Each line is one shirt:

The first outdoor
With you
Gifts, gifts, gifts

Cheering together
Lost without you

Don't lose your dreams
Make your own
Keep moving

There is beauty in simplicity
All miss you

Believable luck
Love always wins
Will you surf together

Apple tree
Are lovely
Anything is nothing

Slowly well be fantastic
Passion in the summer
Have fun resorts

Total fuck

Push button
Be happy

Nothing is starting the point
Remember the sky
Never give up

Hold on for just one more day
You are getting there
Don't surf

Hawian fresh
I want you

Claim the throne
History maker
Fear of mothing

We believe so achieve
It's a ok smile
I am fine

The future full of hope
Find absence

When you say you love me
Have funds

The book contains the English and Chinese characters. On the megaphone is a loop in English and Chinese is my first and favorite:

The first outdoor
With you
Gifts, gifts, gifts