a m y   s a n t o f e r r a r o
Ceramic, found materials			
dimensions vary, platform is 4' x 6' x 16'
2015Playgrown (detail)	
Ceramic, found materials			
dimensions vary
2015texTILES: Taxi
Ceramic, plant
Largest tile is 18’ in length
2015texTILES: Heaps and Mounds
Largest tile is 15’ in height
2015Blue/White Ware: Bricks
Ceramic, found materials
13" x 9" x 8"
2013Blue/White Ware: TIber
Ceramic, found materials
13" x 9" x 8"
2013Please Stand By
MFA Thesis Exhibition at Fosdick-Nelson Gallery
NYSCC at Alfred University, Alfred, New York
2012Welcome Home W.H. Wagon Wheels
Ceramic, wood, fabric, pool noodles
4' x 10' x 4'
2012Bunny Hutch			
Ceramic, wood, foam, found materials
8’ in height
Camper Tree (Bunny Hutch in background)					Ceramic, wood, foam, found materials
13’ x 2' x 8'
Camper Tree Lawn
Ceramic, foam
Flower diameters vary from 2"-5"
Ceramic, aluminum, resin, plastic, found materials
6' x 12' x 4'BaskeTREE: Pennies
Ceramic, found materials
12" x 8" x 4"BaskeTREE: Rianna
Ceramic, found materials
10" x 9" x 6"Just This One			
Ceramic, wood, foam, fiberglass, found materials
Dimensions vary (Large green base 3’ x 4’ x 2’)
Just This One			
Ceramic, expanding foam
Yarn Balls are 6 inches in diameter
2011Just Visit (Exhibition View)	
Stop motion animation,constructed viewing screen, photographs and stop motion animation with Music by Stephen Kent
2009Just Visit
animals featured in animation were wrapped and sold at the exhibition opening
2009We’ve Been Waiting for You: Young Lady
Digital Print	
24” x 24” 
We’ve Been Waiting for You: Plastic Penguin
Digital Print	
18” x 24” 
Personal Work Examples